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General FAQ

Frequently asked general questions

Downloading and installing Minecraft worlds on most devices is a very simple process, below this FAQ we've created instructions for installing / playing the worlds on every device, identify what device you play Minecraft on and checkout the instructions!

When downloading on a mobile device always select and download the .mcworld version. This is the version required for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. To facilitate a smooth download process, it's crucial to use the default browser on your device, and to have downloads enabled in your settings.

Please be aware that iOS devices generally enhance your security by asking you to confirm any automatic downloads when using the Safari browser. If you attempt this download through a browser within apps such as TikTok or Instagram, you are more likely to encounter errors, including the download not initiating at all, due to the device's built-in restrictions against automatic downloads.

Remember, always use the default browser to avoid any potential issues.

Yes, because a Bedrock and Java Edition file is provided. For more information on installing worlds, check the instructions below this FAQ.

All maps are under a CC-BY license (Creative Commons, Attribution required) Meaning, you are allowed to use Charliecustard's maps on your public Minecraft server - only if Charliecustard Builds is credited as the creator of the maps. (TikTok or website credit is preferred but how you credit is up to you, provided it is not discreet) Contact [email protected] for alternative licensing negotiations.

You can reset your password here Enter your username or email and you will be sent a password reset link to your email. Click this link and reset your password. If you have any errors during this process, contact [email protected] 

On mobile > your dashboard is visible inside the "hamburger" menu which can be found at the top of the website. (you must be logged into your account to see this)

On desktop > hover over your username in the top right and you will see the dashboard button dropdown. (you must be logged into your account to see this)


All Access Pass FAQ

Frequently asked All Access Pass questions

Downloading after purchasing an All Access Pass is super easy! With an active subscription, the prices on all products will be cleared for you and the "add to cart" button will now be replaced with a "download now" button. Above this button a list of files will be displayed, click the file you would like to download and then click the download button. The file you should download will depend on what device / console you are installing the world on. Be sure to check the tutorials here to find out what file you should download.

The frequency of worlds being uploaded will change on a weekly basis due to the fact that some worlds take longer to make than others. For example, one week you might see 3 mini-builds uploaded and another week you might see 2 very large builds uploaded. You can be reassured that a new world is always in the works! You can keep updated with build updates on the discord.

There are a few ways you will know when a new world is uploaded and it's up to you how want to stay up to date. The first way is to follow @Charliecustard_mc and @Charliecustard_builds When a new post is out, there is likely a new world out. Also, whenever there is a new world available, there will be a new post on Instagram @Charliecustard_builds so turn on post notifications. Alternatively, join the Charliecustard Builds discord server because new worlds will be published there!

You cannot directly request for a world to be built. However, Charliecustard Builds creates worlds based on what the majority of All Access members want. Your opinions do help contribute to what future worlds will look like. Suggest your ideas in the build-suggestions channel on the discord. Join the discord here

No, there is currently no discord advantages given to All Access members.

Yes. It includes every world and every file for each world. You can download as many times as you want - if you have an active membership.

Payments and Billing FAQ

Frequently asked payment and billing questions

Yes, with every purchase you will receive an email including the invoice of your purchase, click the invoice link and download. Alternatively, you can find all your invoices inside your dashboard. go to Dashboard > Purchase History 

Yes. Payments are managed my Stripe or PayPal, depended on which one you select at checkout. (Credit card is Stripe) Payment details are SSL encrypted and are not stored on this website. Stripe and PayPal are both certified PCI Service Providers (Level 1.) This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To learn more about PayPal's payment security go here to learn more about Stripe's payment security go here

Yes, you can cancel your subscription. Go to Dashboard > Subscription > Cancel subscription
Please note:
If you are viewing the dashboard on a mobile device, you may need to rotate your screen to be able to view the whole dashboard as it's designed for a desktop display.

Due to the electronic nature of the products on this website, purchases are non-refundable or exchangeable. Since the products made available here are intangible, there is a no refund policy. Any refunds shall be at our sole and absolute discretion. You can read our full policy here

If your order status is 'pending', it indicates that we are yet to receive your payment, and it is presently being processed by PayPal. This slight delay can arise in rare occurrences due to various factors including international transactions, currency conversions, or an unverified PayPal account. In the majority of cases, the payment status updates to 'complete' shortly after the order is placed, followed by a prompt order confirmation from us. If there is a delay in payment completion or you have not received an order confirmation despite a completed payment, please reach out to us here

For understanding Payment statuses with PayPal, take a look at their documentation here

Supported Payment

We support these payment types at checkout

File Types Available

Need help importing the worlds?

Find instructions and tutorials below for easily installing on PC, Mac, IOS, Android and learn how to play the worlds on Playstation, Xbox or Switch.

Re-building creations in your own Java Edition world

Use Litematica mod to re-build schematics into your own world. Schematics are available for starter houses and some other downloads. Check the description of downloads for included files.

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