Re-build my bases with schematic blueprints

by charlie in Blueprints on July 12, 2023

Blue-prints Introduction

This post will explain how to get litematica mod installed so you can re-build the starter bases on this website into your own Minecraft world. This gives you a layer by layer blueprint with a materials list, very ideal for survival.

The following should be noted

  • This is for Minecraft Java Edition only. Unfortunately this can’t be done on Bedrock Edition but you can still download the bedrock worlds files.
  • This tutorial is for Windows PC uses but the mod will work for Mac users too.
  • The world files and schematic files for the blueprints have a small cost to download. The starter bases are usually a couple dollars or if you want to download all of the Minecraft worlds on this website, it’s $6 a month ($1 first 30 days) – With this you get access to everything current and everything new until you cancel. You’ll find more details on this below. There is a free schematic blueprint below so you can test this out and make sure it works.
  • Not all the Minecraft builds on this website have blueprints available. Currently all of the starter bases have blueprint schematics You can find an updated library of blueprints below

Installing Litematica and loading the blueprints

Installation / Download links

Schematic Blue-Prints Q&A

Unfortunately not. Blue-prints schematics can only be loaded into the game using mods for the Java Edition of Minecraft. We have a tutorial on how to setup the schematic blue-prints with litematica here

Only files ending with .schem can be loaded as blue-prints with litematica. A common misunderstanding is trying to load the wrong file with litematica - such as the world folder. You must select and download the .schem file available for starter houses and some small builds.

The .schem files aren't available for all downloads. You can view what files a download includes by visiting it's download page. Currently there are blue-prints for all starter houses and some small builds. We will be adding more .schem files for downloads in future!

Yes! It isn't explained in the video tutorial. However, there is an addon for litematica called Litematica printer. With this mod you can toggle on / off an auto build feature. You can find this addon mod here

Download the schem file on products


Builds with schematic blue-prints available

These are some of the builds that can be loaded with the litematica mod. View product descriptions for a .schematic file included.

Not working or have any questions?

We’ll see what we can do to help you out.

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