How to Install worlds on Xbox (Bedrock Edition)

by charlie in Installing Worlds on March 8, 2023

How to Install worlds on Xbox (Bedrock Edition)

1. Download the “Bedrock Edition” world file from your purchase confirmation email or your downloads in your dashboard or from your purchase receipt. If you’re an All Access Pass member just navigate to the world you want to download, select the text that includes “Bedrock Edition” then tap download.

The downloads displayed below are only examples, download the world file you want to install!

All Access Members

Locate the file above the world you want to download then tap download.

One-time buyers

  • Purchase confirmation email
  • In your dashboard under “Download History”
  • On your receipt received after purchase

2. Go to the Microsoft store on your Xbox and download My Files Explorer There is a free trial for this application or the full version is $2.59

3. Download the Expansion For Explorers. Once My Files Explorer is installed and opened, you will be met with a prompt. Click “Install from store” and download the standalone expansion game add-on for tools and assets. This is the add-on application that allows us to access the Minecraft’s worlds folder.

Ensure you always use “Expansion For Explorers” application through the rest of the installation process.

4. Open the “Expansion For Explorers” application. If you have already downloaded the world, you will be able to find it in the “downloads” folder.

If you haven’t installed the world yet go to “Download from URL” above the directory menu on the left and refer back to step 1 on how to access your downloadable files.

5. Copy the world file. If you use the download from URL option, the file will open in your My Expansion folder. Whether the file is inside your My Expansion folder or your Downloads folder you will need to copy the world file so it can be pasted into your Minecraft worlds folder.

Hover over the world file, click the button on your controller with 3 lines on it then select copy file

6. Locate the folder named Microsoft.MinecraftUWPConsole_8wekyb3d8bbwe (name may slightly differ for you) This folder is located inside the packages folder which you will see on your file directories on the left side.

7. Locate your Minecraft worlds folder. To do this, go to the following directory path inside the Microsoft.MinecraftUWPConsole_8wekyb3d8bbwe folder:

  • LocalState > games > com.mojang

Open the minecraftWorlds folder.

8. Paste the world into the minecraftWorlds folder. Use the 3 line button on your controller.

10. Extract the world so it becomes a folder like the other Minecraft worlds. Use the 3 line button on your controller to do this.

11. Be sure to close and re-launch your Minecraft application. Now that the world is extracted you should see the world in your Minecraft world list. 

Explained in a video

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Try installing the demo world

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