7K Desktop Wallpaper Pack #1

in on July 22, 2023



Admire the worlds from Charliecustard Builds with our collection of 8 high-quality landscape images, rendered at an impressive 7,000 x 3038 resolution. Each image showcases some of our most popular Minecraft creations, tailored to elevate your desktop homescreen. The remarkable 7K quality ensures that these wallpapers can also be seamlessly cropped and enjoyed on mobile devices, maintaining their exceptional detail and clarity. While primarily designed for desktop use, these versatile wallpapers are a great aesthetic for any Minecraft player across all devices. Upon your order confirmation, you’ll instantly gain access to the gallery of wallpapers.

Pack Includes

  • Emerald Bugatti Base (7,000 x 3038 px)
  • Floating Jungle (7,000 x 3038 px)
  • Giant Maze (7,000 x 3038 px)
  • Mushroom Cottage (7,000 x 3038 px)
  • Mushroom Kingdom (7,000 x 3038 px)
  • Viking Pillager Kingdom (7,000 x 3038 px)
  • Treehouse Biome (7,000 x 3038 px)
  • Voyager-X Spaceship (7,000 x 3038 px)

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