How to Install worlds on windows computer (Java Edition)

by charlie in Installing Worlds on March 7, 2023

How to Install worlds on windows computer (Java Edition)

1. Download the “Java Edition” world file from your purchase confirmation email or your downloads in your dashboard or from your purchase receipt. If you’re an All Access Pass member just navigate to the world you want to download, select the text that includes “Java Edition” then click download.

The downloads displayed below are only examples, download the world file you want to install!

All Access Members

Locate the file above the world you want to download then click download.

One-time buyers

  • Purchase confirmation email
  • In your dashboard under “Download History”
  • On your receipt received after purchase

2. Locate your Minecraft saves folder. On your computer, locate the search in the bottom left corner and type: run select the application that appears and type: %appdata% This will navigate you to this file location: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming In here, locate .minecraft then locate the saves folder. This is how you navigate to the default location of the Minecraft saves folder.

Alternatively, If your saves folder is not in the default location you can find the location through your Minecraft launcher. Go to Installations and click the folder icon on the Minecraft installation you want to install the world onto, inside the folder that appears, locate your saves folder.

3. Locate the downloaded world in your downloads and open it. The world file is inside a zip folder for Java Edition worlds. If you already have an application to open zip files you can simply double click to open it. If you cannot open the .zip file you’ll need to install an application that can. WinRar or WinZip are great and work well.

4. Transfer the world folder to your “saves” directory:

  • First, locate the downloaded .zip file and open it.
  • Inside, you’ll find the world folder.
  • Drag this folder and drop it into your “saves” directory.

Note: If you’re having difficulty identifying the .zip file due to disabled file extensions, consider enabling the view of these extensions for ease. Here’s a tutorial on how to do that.

5. Start Minecraft and the world will appear in your list of worlds.

Explained in a video

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