3D Online Blueprint Guides

by charlie in 3D Online Blueprint Guides on March 7, 2024

3D Online Blueprint Guides Introduction

Try out the demo, if you need help or have any questions take a read below!

Click (or tap) on the materials list to download it.

The online blueprint guide is a new feature enabling you to reconstruct builds layer by layer with a materials list included. This tool was launched on March 7, 2024. Meaning, any new survival builds or small builds from this date forward will likely incorporate the online 3D Guide blueprint. (You should read the build product descriptions to check)

This feature was Initially requested by our members who play on the Bedrock Edition as it would eliminate the necessity for mods or downloading schematics which can’t be used on Bedrock Edition. However, it quickly became a beneficial tool for everyone, no matter what edition of Minecraft you play on. As a member you can simply view the online blueprints conveniently from within your web browser.

Above is a demo and below, I’ll show you how to use and navigate these blueprints!

    • The feature is for both All Access Pass members and for one-time purchases.
    • For members, 3D Guides are counted within your download limit.
    • The feature is a recent addition and therefore, currently not available for all builds. New blueprints are being added regularly, with multiple updates each week. You can find blueprint builds on the member’s page or if you one-time purchase a build, you will be able to access the 3D-Guide from an email confirmation and on your order receipt. Check the build description to check if a 3D-Guide is included.

    Quick tips for getting started

    After downloading the 3D-Guide you will be presented with a materials list inside a PDF document – this can be opened on any device. From here, just click (or tap) the big button that says “Start Guide!

    Basic navigation inside the 3D-Guides

    • On desktop and mobile you can enable full screen in the bottom right corner
    • Textures aren’t full quality? Enable HD in the bottom right corner
    • Double tap or double click an area to focus on that area.

    Understanding the controls

    • Need help navigating and using the controls? Select the help icon in the bottom right corner.

    • This icon will display the controls irrespectively to the device you are using. (phone, tablet, desktop). 

    How to find the blueprint?

    1. For members, 3D blueprint Guides can be found on the private members page as seen below.
    2. For one-time buyers, you can open the 3D-Guide from your order confirmation email and from your order receipt.

    If you’re not a member and you want to check that a download has a blueprint before you purchase, you can check the description of a build. If the blueprint is mentioned, it means it’s included! It will outline that the 3D Online Guide with Materials list is included. Additionally, below this section you will find some helpful information about using the 3D Guides.

    Here’s what the blueprint selector looks like for All Access Pass members on builds where blueprints are enabled. If a build includes the 3D Guide, you will see a selector for the 3D Guide & Materials list. Simply select this option and click (or tap) the download now button.

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