Floating Jungle Challenge

in on June 28, 2023


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Embark on an exhilarating journey in the Floating Jungle—a suspended paradise. Choose hard or normal mode and face various survival challenges. Traverse perilous treetop ruined bridges, overcome puzzles, and reach the Enchanted Amethyst Ship. Conquer the Ultimate Nether Fortress before confronting the mighty Warden Boss. Defeat it to unlock the end dimension and complete the game.

  • Multiple challenges with loot and checkpoints to find
  • A new survival experience
  • No mods / addons or plugins required
  • Multiplayer tested and supported
  • World file for Bedrock and Java Edition included
  • Two modes “Hard” and “Normal”
  • Jungle size is 4,000 x 4,000 blocks. Beyond this, default terrain generates
  • Built for Minecraft version 1.20.1
Some features in this description may look slightly different on Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Check the bottom of this page for a Bedrock change list.

Includes Files For

  • Java Edition
  • Bedrock Edition

Interactive Map (Archived)

This online interactive map was available for the first month of this map’s release. This has now been archived to save server resources. However, you can still view the video below for reference!

Mode Selector

There’s a normal and a hard mode to ensure there is a difficulty level for everyone. Each mode is able to unlock checkpoints and has access to loot throughout the map. On Java Edition your mode will be displayed on the end podium!

Hard mode

  • Natural regeneration OFF
  • Keep inventory OFF

Normal mode

  • Natural regeneration ON
  • Keep inventory ON


Cross crumbling bridges, evading speedy zombies that are unleashed. Navigate through the challenging temple run-inspired bridges to find the bell. With the world shrouded in darkness, reach the small jungle temple and restore daylight by placing the bell upon it’s chain. Beware of the skeletons protecting the temple.. Collect loot, unlock two checkpoints and prepare for the next challenge on the survival island.

An isolated floating island crowned by a towering structure housing powerful witches. Your journey begins by unlocking the entrance door, achieved by hitting all three targets in the Bullsye Challenge. Inside the island, ascend the treacherous parkour course within its core, navigating through checkpoints. Be wary of the poisonous slime lurking within. Conquer the parkour to reach the pinnacle and face the witches, unlocking Level 4

Unlock the bullseye advancement upon entering the Witch Tower (Java Edition only)

Adventure through the dense jungle in the Elytra Course. Soar through the skies, navigating a thrilling 27-hoop course that will put your gliding skills to the test. As you glide through each hoop with precision, you’ll be rewarded with experience points and an extra rocket boost, propelling you further into the heart of the jungle.

Fly around breath-taking scenery as you venture deeper into the wilderness. The Elytra Course will take you on a journey, leading you far into the jungle’s depths, all the way to Level 5.

Embark on quest in Challenge 5 as you venture deep into the heart of survival and danger. Uncover the Ultimate Piglin Nether Fortress, a vital component for your triumph in the endgame temple (Challenge 5). This pivotal stage marks the true test of your survival skills.

The scarcity of lava and obsidian in the overworld forces you to seek an alternate path. Only by igniting the grand portal on the Level 5 island can you gain access to the treacherous Nether. However, a formidable obstacle stands in your way—none other than the pillager crew. Hailing from an enchanted dimension, they guard the gates to all realms, including the Nether. Defeating the entire crew, who have crash-landed nearby, is your ticket to opening the portal and unlocking passage to the Nether.

Prepare for an intense clash against the pillagers, battling for your rightful entry into their domain. Overcoming their forces becomes the key to unearthing the grand Nether Fortress, a repository of valuable resources and blaze rods, essential for your success in the Endgame temple.

Will you rise to the challenge, face the pillager crew, and seize control of the Grand Nether Fortress? Your destiny awaits amidst the dangers that lie ahead.

Inside the crashed ship of the pillager crew, there are treasures waiting to be uncovered. Explore the depths of the vessel and discover not only useful resources but also a captain’s journal. This artefact will guide you on your quest to the endgame temple, where the ultimate challenge awaits.

The Nether Fortress

  • Unlock the Terrible Fortress Advancement to progress to level 5 (on Java Edition) 12 ender eyes will also be required to progress to the End in level 5
  • Acquire 12 ender eyes to progress to level 5 (on Bedrock Edition)

Enter the sacred and long-abandoned Endgame Temple, where an epic trial awaits. Within its halls, you are confronted with the task of awakening the fearsome Warden, ready to be unleashed in the depths of its dungeon. However, activating the dormant power of the temple’s beacons is the only way to awaken this formidable creature.

As you venture into the heights of the temple, you will discover a treasure trove of powerful and precious loot. This loot will aid you in your battle against the Warden, providing the necessary tools and resources for victory.

Conquer the relentless Warden, and a new custom advancement, “Warden Killed,” will be unlocked. (Java Edition only)

This achievement signifies your triumph and grants you access to the end portal located atop the temple’s tower. With the portal activated, you gain the ability to confront and defeat the ender dragon, ultimately paving the way for your escape from the jungle and returning you to the familiar realm of the default Minecraft overworld. On Bedrock Edition the portal will also spawn after the Wardens defeated but there is no custom advancement.

Escaping The Jungle

  • Bedrock Edition you must acquire the dragon egg and stand on the warp machine
  • Java Edition you must only defeat the ender dragon and stand on the warp machine

Other players who do not have these accomplishments can only escape the jungle if they stand on the warp machine when the player with the accomplishment uses it.

No mods required (Vanilla Minecraft)

This map is like every other map on this website and is built to work on vanilla (default) version of Minecraft. So there is no need to install any addons, mods, or plugins. All you need to do is load up the Bedrock or Java world!

Installing the world

We’ve got tutorials for every device! Take a look below.

Playing on a Minecraft server

  • Upload the world folder to your server worlds. When loaded, it should automatically create the separate nether and end worlds.
  • Ensure block updates are on and functional (not affected by world edit plugins)
  • Ensure default minecraft commands work and aren’t altered by plugins (e.g: /kill)
  • Ensure redstone is fully functional (e.g: repeaters, and commands work)
  • Ensure command blocks are turned on
  • Ensure the End and Nether are enabled
  • Set servers gamemode to adventure

This map can work alongside many plugins. However, our multiplayer recommendation is to install this world on a vanilla Minecraft server – with no plugins to prevent any potential conflicts with game behaviour

Playing on a Minecraft realm

Minecraft realms is a great option for playing this map with friends on Bedrock or Java edition. Minecraft realms only uses the world’s settings – meaning there will be no potential conflicts that might occur on a server with plugins.

Bedrock Edition Changes

This map is created to work on both Bedrock and Java Edition. It has been converted and tested on both editions of Minecraft. However, through this converting process some features needed to be altered or removed as some features available in Java Edition aren’t available in Bedrock Edition. The following changes apply to the Bedrock version of the map.

  • Nether height. Unfortunately the height of the Nether in Bedrock Edition is 128. Meaning, the top of the Nether Fortress has had the top cut off. However, it is still functional as Blazes and other mobs still spawn in their usual area. Chests were not affected.
  • Particle changes. Some particles displayed in this description or in videos may look different on Bedrock Edition – Including different colours and simplified particles)
  • Nether Portal. The Nether portal is altered as the nether portal block is an entity rather than a block in Bedrock Edition. This means it couldn’t be a circle. Instead, a large rectangular portal will spawn in that you are able to light and travel to the Nether Fortress through.
  • Ender Eyes required at level 5 appose to having the advancement “A Terrible Fortress” on Java Edition
  • Custom warden advancement and bullseye advancement not granted on Bedrock Edition. The challenges can still be completed without these accomplishments.
  • Nametags not displayed. This includes any floating texts that adds visual appeal as floating tags aren’t supported in Bedrock Edition.

Map Contributors

Special thanks to these people for helping make this map possible

  • BreakerFingers (Building Assistance)
  • Sedovtop1st (Render Artist)