Winter Wonderland Survival Island

in on December 26, 2023



Experience a brand-new survival adventure in Minecraft with the enchanting 2,000 x 2,000 snowy and icy biome, tailor-made for your winter and Christmas festivities. This winter wonderland is blanketed in pristine snow, accentuated by majestic mountain valleys, and adorned with colossal floating icebergs hugging the coastline. Venture inland, and you’ll encounter impressive ice spikes, a notable upgrade from the standard icy formations.

Prepare to be captivated by the array of fresh additions to this terrain. Delight in the presence of towering pine trees, rocky outcrops concealing valuable ores, winding icy rivers, and whimsical candy canes and other Christmas-themed sweets scattered throughout the landscape.

When it comes to structures, there is an abundance waiting to be explored. Discover a charming winter village, lavishly adorned with festive decor, and nestled amidst this winter wonderland. Ascend the mountains to encounter a majestic ice castle, a true architectural marvel crafted entirely from ice.

Further exploration reveals an elf workshop perched atop a mountain, and along the coastline, two formidable ships, each crewed by pillagers on a mission to steal Christmas itself. This unique survival challenge awaits you during this holiday season.

Should you crave a change of scenery, venture across the cold oceans to discover Minecraft’s default, ordinary terrain.

  • 2,000 x 2,000 custom terrain survival map
  • 5 custom structures to explore including a new winter village
  • Structures have interior decorations and chests with loot
  • Default terrain generates beyond the island
  • World file for Bedrock and Java Edition included
  • Schematic / blueprint files included
  • Tested and works with Minecraft versions – 1.20

Download Includes

  • Java Edition world
  • Bedrock Edition world

Structure Coordinates

  • Small Ship: -1053 68 1195
  • Large Ship -127 75 1266
  • Ice Castle: 596 170 -378
  • Elf Workshop: -488 180 653
  • Town: -238 95 -719

Installing the world

We’ve got tutorials for every device! Take a look below.