Oreo Biome Island

in on January 7, 2024



A unique Minecraft biome, a vast expanse spanning about 1000 blocks, completely adorned with Oreos. At the heart of this confectionery landscape stands a monumental Oreo tower, soaring nearly to Minecraft’s build height limit, serving as a striking centrepiece. Surrounding this Oreo-themed island, the world transitions into the game’s standard terrain. While the Oreo tower itself is a majestic exterior structure without an interior, the world also comes with some additional files: a schematic pack. This pack includes four creatively designed Oreo base schematics. 

  • Huge ore island Oreo world with an Oreo tower 
  • Multiple Oreo base designs
  • Schematic pack world included
  • World file for Bedrock and Java Edition included
  • 5 Schematic / blueprint files included
  • Tested and works with Minecraft versions – 1.20

Download Includes

  • Java Edition world
  • Bedrock Edition world
  • Schematic / blue-prints (Asset world included)

Want to build this base in your own world?

You can load the various schematic files of this build as a blue print with litematica mod. This will display a template of the build and a materials list. This can also be done with every starter house on this website and some other small builds. It’s a useful tool for survival! Or you can import the schematic file by using other mods such as World Edit.

Installing the world

We’ve got tutorials for every device! Take a look below.