Mystic Blue House

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Welcome to the Mystic Blue House, a detailed house that combines the elegance of stone and wood with textured blue rooftops. This house showcases an intricate yet simple design, featuring plenty of windows and wooden frames. Built by a legendary architect who sought solace from the chaos of nearby towns, the Mystic Blue House is filled with survival details that captivate the imagination.

You can use the 3D Guide to rebuild this manor in your own Minecraft world without any mods or addons. You can also import the schematic with WorldEdit or Litematica mod, or import the world into Bedrock or Java Edition. (See details below)

  • Fantasy friendly blue mystic house
  • Multiple levels and a detailed practical setup for survival
  • World files for Bedrock and Java Edition included
  • Re-build without mods or add-ons with the 3D Guide
  • Import the build with the schematic file using mods
  • Loads in the latest version of Minecraft

Download Includes

  • 3D Online Guide with Materials list
  • Java Edition world .zip
  • Bedrock Edition world .mcworld
  • Schematic File .schem

Online 3D Guide Included

This build includes an online 3D layer by layer building guide with a materials list included. No mods or addons required! Need help or want more info? Take a look at this post

  • Download the 3D guide to access both the materials list and a layer-by-layer construction guide.
  • Start the guide by selecting “Start Guide!” below the materials list
  • On desktop and mobile you can enable full screen in the bottom right corner
  • Textures aren’t full quality? Enable HD in the bottom right corner
  • Double tap or double click an area to focus on that area
  • Need help navigating and using the controls? Select the help icon in the bottom right corner

Want to view a blueprint in-game?

You can load the schematic file of this build as a blue print with litematica mod. This will display a template of the build and a materials list. This can also be done with every other build on this website that includes a schematic file. It’s a useful tool for survival! Or you can import the schematic file with other mods such as World Edit.

Installing the world

We’ve got tutorials for every device! Take a look below.