Lightning Base

in on November 1, 2023



This colossal structure is a replica of Lightning McQueen, and its interior has been redesigned to feature three expansive levels. The lower level has two bedrooms on either side of a meeting area, as well as ample space for housing animals and cultivating crops. Ascending to the second level, you’ll discover storage facilities, furnaces, and smokers. Finally, on the top floor, there’s an ice track where you can have boat races!

  • Mega base inside with 3 levels (2 bedrooms)
  • Interior floors, survival setup.
  • crop patch and animal pens inside the base
  • World file for Bedrock and Java Edition included
  • Schematic / blueprint file of two designs included
  • Tested and works with Minecraft versions 1.19 – 1.20

Download Includes

  • Java Edition world
  • Bedrock Edition world
  • Schematic / blue-print file

Want to build this base in your own world?

You can load the schematic file of this build as a blue print with litematica mod. This will display a template of the build and a materials list. This can also be done with every starter house on this website and some other small builds. It’s a useful tool for survival!

Installing the world

We’ve got tutorials for every device! Take a look below.