Working Chest Cliff Base

in on May 27, 2023


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This Minecraft world features a medieval base built on the edge of a cliff. The base has been upgraded to include a chest house atop the cliff, which serves as a functional living space. The mini chest house opens and closes like a real chest, revealing a cozy interior with a bed, cooking area, and storage compartments. The cliffside location offers stunning views and a sense of adventure.


  • Chest open / close notification will occur for players within 20 blocks from the chest house.
  • On Java Edition keep your keys safe, you need them to open the chest

Bedrock Edition Changes

  • No lock feature or keys
  • Two switches on the inside and outside for closing and opening the chest
  • Sounds, opening / closing animation and notifications still occur

World Features

  • Cliff base
  • Functional chest base
  • Full interior
  • Lock system (Java only)

Includes Files For

  • Java Edition
  • Bedrock Edition