Snake Cliff House

in on September 14, 2023



The Snake Cliff House, with its abstract design, perches on a steep, custom-made cliff not found in any other Minecraft world. This residence features seven floors connected by two water elevators, all fully furnished to meet the needs of a survival house, including a portal room. This download includes two versions of the world: one with a wooden design, ideal for survival with a rooftop crop farm and animal pens, and a modern version that includes waterfalls flowing into pools overlooking the coast. Additionally, a schematic pack is included of multiple cliff house variations.

  • Interior – furnished and decorated floors
  • Modern and wood version included
  • World file for Bedrock and Java Edition included
  • Schematic / blueprint file of the house included
  • Tested and works with Minecraft versions 1.19 – 1.20

Download Includes

  • Java Edition Wood world
  • Java Edition Modern world
  • Bedrock Edition Wood world
  • Bedrock Edition Modern world
  • Java Edition Schematic Asset Pack (world included)

4 Schematic / Blue-print Houses

This download includes a schematic pack of 4 houses that were featured in the original video showcasing this build by Charliecustard Builds. These can be imported into your world with the World Edit mod. or you can easily re-build them in your own world (on Java Edition) using the Litematica blue-print mod. View the tutorial linked below if you are unsure on how to do this.

Installing the world

We’ve got tutorials for every device! Take a look below.