Roman Modern Ship

in on March 6, 2024



The Roman Modern ship, designed as an ultimate oceanic mega base, includes comprehensive spaces for all your needs. It features areas dedicated to tree harvesting, a large crop farm on the roof, and numerous platforms extending outward, offering a cosy and stylish ambiance. These platforms are crowned with ancient Roman buildings, integrated with the ship’s futuristic modern architecture. It’s a blend of two distinct eras, merging to form one formidable structure on the ocean.

  • 10 bedrooms with a survival setup
  • 2 kitchens and a large dining area below a large crop farm
  • Sci-fi and and ancient Rome combined
  • World files for Bedrock and Java Edition included
  • Schematic file included
  • Load in the latest version of Minecraft

Download Includes

  • Java Edition world
  • Bedrock Edition world
  • Schematic File

Want to build this base in your own world?

You can load the schematic file of this build as a blue print with litematica mod. This will display a template of the castle and a materials list. This can also be done with every starter house on this website and some other small builds. It’s a useful tool for survival! Or you can import the schematic file with other mods such as World Edit.

Installing the world

We’ve got tutorials for every device! Take a look below.