Pillager Outpost Base

in on February 24, 2023



Standing tall and proud, the new outpost is a sight to behold. The outpost has been redesigned and upgraded with impressive features. You’ll notice that the outpost is split into two by a mysterious magenta crystal ball, emitting an eerie glow that catches the eye but don’t be fooled by its beauty! This crystal ball is no ordinary decoration. In fact, it’s a highly advanced machine that terminates any new pillagers that dare to spawn on the lands around the outpost. With this powerful defense system in place, players can focus on expanding their base and gathering resources without the constant threat of pillagers.

World Features

  • Upgraded pillager outpost
  • pillager terminator (radius 150 blocks) 
  • Wall surrounding with moat 
  • crops inside the walls

Includes Files For

  • Java Edition World
  • Bedrock Edition World