Guidelines for Use of CharlieCustard Builds Minecraft Content

At CharlieCustard Builds, we take great pride in creating original Minecraft content for our followers. We want to ensure that our content is protected from unauthorized use, so we’ve put together these guidelines to help clarify our policies on the use of our content. All content created by CharlieCustard Builds is protected under copyright law. This includes, but is not limited to, all Minecraft builds and videos posted on our social media accounts.

Reposting Policy

We do not allow reposting of our content without our express permission. This includes reposting of our content on other social media accounts, websites, or other digital platforms.

If you wish to share our content, please read through our reposting policy and contact us here to request permission. We may grant permission on a case-by-case basis, but we reserve the right to deny permission at our discretion. 

Creating Content with Our Worlds

We allow others to create their own videos using our Minecraft worlds, as long as they abide by our CC-BY license (Creative Commons, Attribution Required). This means that any videos created using our words must include an @ mention of CharlieCustard Builds on the respective platform, unless we have granted you permission that states otherwise.

Please note that any videos created using our worlds must be original videos and not reposts of our content. If we discover that our content has been reposted without our permission, we will take action to have it removed, as outlined in our Reposting Policy.

Enforcement of Policy

If we discover that our content has been reposted without our permission or that our CC-BY license has been violated, we will take action to have it removed. This may include contacting the platform where the content was posted and/or taking legal action.

Please note that it is also against the guidelines of most social media platforms to infringe on the copyright of others. If we discover that our content has been reposted without our permission on any of these platforms, we will report the violation to the platform which can result in some negative implications for your account.

Copyright Infringement

Please be aware that unauthorized use of our content constitutes copyright infringement, and is subject to legal action. If you have any questions about our policies, please contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for respecting our copyright and helping to protect our original content.

Reposting Policy for Approved Accounts

If we have approved your account to repost our content, you must follow these guidelines:

  1. You may only post videos that you will be provided private access to. These videos contain our website link as a watermark through a large majority of the video. The speech mentioning “link in bio for the download” has also been removed in these videos to prevent confusion from viewers.


  2. You must abide by a CC-BY license, which means you must attribute the original content to CharlieCustard Builds by mentioning our username in the caption or description of the video. The @ should be on the same platform to where you’re posting the content.


  3. You must not make any substantial changes to the video or use the content in any way that implies endorsement or sponsorship by CharlieCustard Builds. Similarly, you may not use our content for any commercial purposes without our prior written consent.


  4. You are allowed to monetize the content through ad revenue or creator funds from TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

If we determine that you are not following these guidelines or are otherwise using our content in a way that we do not approve of, we reserve the right to revoke our permission for you to repost our content.

Also note: If accepted, you are not obliged to post the content we provide you access to.

Thank you for respecting our intellectual property rights and for helping us to protect our content.

Apply to post Charliecustard Builds content

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We allow posting on the platforms listed below. At least one social media must be listed.

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