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Currently, winning odds are 7.89% per entry.

Minecraft Lego Giveaway Details and Rules

Every 30 days, we’re giving away three Minecraft Lego sets to three randomly selected customers who leave a rating and review on any creation or the All Access Pass membership. Share your feedback and get a chance to win something awesome in return!

Giveaway Cycle

  • Duration: The giveaway runs on a 30-day cycle.
  • Countdown: The countdown can be viewed here or on the members page, so you know how long until the giveaway ends.
  • Winners Announcement: Three winners will always be announced on the Charliecustard Builds Discord #announcements channel when the countdown ends.

Entry Rules

  • Eligibility: One-time purchase customers and All Access Pass members can enter the giveaway by submitting ratings and reviews on our creations and / or the All Access Pass membership.
  • Entries: You can have multiple entries by submitting multiple reviews (1 review per product). Each review on a different product counts as one entry. However, you can only submit one review per product.
  • Review Validity: To be counted as a valid entry, your review must:
  • Be genuine and provide honest feedback.
  • Be submitted only if you have downloaded the creation (We cross-referenced against your download log).
  • Follow the guideline that only one review per creation is allowed, this means no duplicate accounts.
  • Be a thoughtful and detailed review, not spam or out-of-context content.

Maximum Entries: There is a maximum of 15 entries per member / per month. After leaving a review on 15 creations, additional reviews will no longer count towards the current giveaway. This is to keep the giveaway fair and equal for new and older members. However, odds are not equal between one-time purchases and members as one-time purchases can only review for the creation they purchased.

Specific Guidelines

  • Review on All Access Pass: Your review about the All Access Pass will only be counted if you have been an All Access Pass member for at least 72 hours.
  • Submission Location: You can leave a review at the bottom of each creation on its download page (note: you must be logged in). For the All Access Pass, you can submit that review here.
  • Privacy: By submitting a review and entering the draw, you acknowledge that your first and last name (used when signing up) will be publicly visible and it will be announced in the #announcements channel on Discord.

Prize Details

  • Selection: The prizes will be one of the three items displayed on the members page, selected randomly. (meaning you will win 1 of 3 prizes)
  • Notification: Winners will be notified via email from [email protected] for shipping details.
  • Response Time: If we do not receive a response from you within 90 days, you may not be eligible for the prize winnings.

Additional Information

  • New Creations: Since new creations are added each month, there will always be plenty of ongoing chances for you to review our creations and enter the giveaways as a loyal member.
  • Honest Feedback: We value genuine feedback. Regardless of the rating, your review will still be counted as a draw entry. We encourage thoughtful and detailed reviews to help us improve our membership and products.
  • Terms and Conditions: By entering the giveaway, you also acknowledge our terms and conditions, which state that you must be at least 18 years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I cancel my membership am I still in the draw?

Yes, you are still in the draw if you have cancelled your membership. You just won’t be able to enter any other draws in following months unless you leave a review on a one-time purchase.

Does it only count if it’s a 5 star positive review?

Absolutely not! We are just asking for genuine ratings and feedback. No matter the rating, as long as it meets the above criteria of non-spam, it’s a valid review and a valid entry.

How do I know if I won?

Join the Discord! The winners will be announced there at the end of the countdown and everyone is pinged with the @announcements role. However, if you’re not in the Discord, we will still reach out via email.

Submit a rating and a review to enter

Your entry to win a Lego Minecraft set awaits in your email inbox 3 days after purchasing.

  • As a customer you will receive an email 3 days after your purchase asking for a review. You can submit an entry by completing the review request on that email.
  • Additionally, as a member you can leave us reviews after you download and use creations. You can do this at the bottom of the download pages.

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