Smurf Treehouse Biome

in on April 26, 2023



This is the captivating world of Smurf Island! This Minecraft world is a wonderland that will take you on an unforgettable adventure through a mystical and enchanting land.

With its expansive 1,000 by 1,000 block wide landscape, Smurf Island is a place of exploration and discovery. Towering treehouses, adorned with Smurf mushrooms, are connected by platforms that wind through the trees. There are many different treehouse variations across the biome, offering plenty for you to explore.

The forest floor is illuminated by large glowing mushrooms, and blue mushroom houses are scattered throughout the island, adding to the enchanting atmosphere. Two blue mushroom ships also grace the coast.

The world is built using warped materials and on Java Edition, a variation of loot can be found in a lot of the houses. With plenty of space to build your own base, let your imagination run wild and create your own magical world within this enchanting island.

World Map

Survival Gameplay

  • Mobs spawn in the biome
  • Villagers to trade with near spawn
  • Cave systems (more lush caves)
  • Default terrain generates beyond the smurf forest.

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World Features

  • Zombie Piglin Fortress
  • Two Towers
  • Grand nether portal
  • Spawners and loot chests

Includes Files For

  • Java Edition World
  • Bedrock Edition World