Jungle Islands – Upgraded Jungle Biome

in on September 25, 2022



Embark on a journey through a lush and vibrant jungle world, filled with custom upgraded jungle trees and thick, dense foliage. Explore a map split into numerous interconnected islands, with rivers flowing between them. Discover hidden treasures as you mine deepslate rocks on the surface, filled with valuable ores. Uncover the secrets of a shipwreck off the coast of one of the islands and delve into the mysteries of two upgraded jungle temples. One large temple offers access to the end dimension, while a smaller temple offers access to the nether. Brave the depths of the jungle to find the lost tribe, hidden away. Experience a truly unique and unforgettable Minecraft adventure with this custom jungle map. Default Minecraft terrain will generate beyond the islands.

Featured Video

Interactive Map

World Features

  • Large upgraded Temple
  • Small upgraded Temple
  • Upgraded shipwreck
  • Lost Jungle Tribe
  • Improved Minecraft Jungle terrain

Includes World Files For

  • Java Edition
  • Bedrock Edition